4 Day Highland Adventure


Feeling like you’re on the moon, listening to the complete silence in the middle of nowhere, driving through fresh lava fields, crossing glacial rivers and sleeping in a rooftent. That is the adventure you will experience if you go with us to the Highlands of Iceland. With our Landrover Defender we can drive to the most unique and unexplored places that Iceland has to offer. In a 4 day-tour you will be surprised by the beauty of the Highlands.

Day 1

Thorshöfn - Askja

After breakfast we will pick you up in front of restaurant Báran in the harbor of Thorshöfn. If we all have found a comfortable place in the Landrover, the adventure is ready to begin. On the way to Askja we can walk along the edge of Ásbyrgi Canyon and also admire the
Hafragilsfoss. In the evening you have the opportunity to explore the Drekagil (Dragon Canyon), where the name of the canyon speaks for itself.

Day 2

Öskjuvatn, Viti and Kverkfjöll

After a good night sleep in the rooftent we will be ready for a walk in the volcanic scenery around Askja. With the Landrover we will drive through a lavafield to the start of our walk. It takes us about half an hour to walk to crater lake Öskjuvatn and geothermal pool Viti. We can walk around and of course we have time to take some magnificent pictures. People who are looking for real adventure can even take a swim in Viti. Later on we will drive to Kverkfjöll, where we will camp at the foot of the biggest glacier of Iceland and even
of whole Europe. By foot we can come even closer to this wonder of nature.



Day 3

Kverkfjöll-Hvannalindir-Laugarvellir- Hafrahvammagljúfur- Snaefell

Today we will leave the glacier behind and head towards some whole other experiences. In Hvannalindir we will find the remains of a cave where the most famous outlaw Eyvindur spent several years. In Laugarvellir we can take a bath in a natural hot spring. A waterfall coming from the rocks will give us a natural shower. When we are totally wrinkled we will drive further to Hafrahvammagljúfur. A deep canyon with very steep walls. At the end of the day we will drive to foot of the highest mountain of East-Iceland: Mount Snaefell. In the area around Snaefell we have a good chance of spotting herds of reindeers.

Day 4


Today we will start with a drive around Mount Snaefell and take roads which are not often been driven. On our way to the coast we drive along lake Lagarfljót, where we find the largest forest of Iceland. While going through the coastal mountains we will have very nice views over the sea, the cliffs and several black beaches. Back in Thorshöfn we offer you a cup of coffee at restaurant Báran to look back at this adventure.




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